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As part of Drake University's response to COVID-19, the Title IX Office is currently offering remote only access to its services. For more information about available services, including how to access those services remotely, please contact Drake's Title IX Coordinator Jessica Morgan-Tate directly atjessica.morgan-tate@drake.eduor by calling (515) 271-4956.

Jessica Morgan-Tate is the University's Title IX Coordinator. Jessica coordinates the University's response to concerns of sexual and interpersonal misconduct in their various forms including:

  • Sex-based discrimination (including sex-based harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence, and sexual exploitation);
  • Interpersonal misconduct (including domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking); and
  • Retaliation against anyone seeking assistance, filing a complaint, or participating in an investigation of sexual or interpersonal misconduct.

If you have experienced sexual or interpersonal misconduct, please know that there are people here who can support you and provide you with resources to help you make informed choices. On this site, you will find resources and answers to questions you might have, as well as a complete overview ofoptions for reportingany incidents of sexual or interpersonal misconduct.

Training Materials

For information about materials used to train Title IX investigators, adjudicators and other personnel involved in investigating, responding to, coordinating or otherwise assisting in the adjudication of complaints of sexual harassment go to//

U.S. Department of Education Regulatory Updates

  • 生效2020年8月14日,德雷克有一个新的Sexual Harassment Policy.
  • May 6, 2020: The U.S. Department of Education released itsFinal Regulations Addressing Sexual Harassment, including a lengthy, 2,000+ page preamble explaining the purpose and addressing the over 124,000 comments that the U.S. Department of Education received regarding the Draft Proposed Title IX Regulations it released in 2018. Drake University, along with every institution receiving federal financial aid, must comply with these new regulations, which went into effect August 14, 2020. Individuals with questions or concerns about the new regulations are encouraged to reach out to Jessican Morgan-Tate, as the Title IX Coordinator here at Drake.
  • January 31, 2019: The U.S. Department of Education released itsDraft Proposed Title IX Regulations十一月。公众意见截止日期为2019年1月30日截止。该部门收到了超过10万条评论,现在致力于审查这些评论并完成法规 - 最终规则没有时间表或截止日期。德雷克将审查任何新规定,以确定是否需要大学政策或程序的变化。无论如何,德雷克将重点关注预防,支持和适当和公平的投诉响应。

Define the line graphic

Drake recognizes the problem of sexual and interpersonal misconduct in our society and continues to take steps to listen to concerns, educate the campus community, and treat reports of sexual and interpersonal misconduct seriously and equitably.Define the Line. Respect the Line.emphasizes that while everybody has the right to determine their own line when it comes to sexual behavior, there is one clear line at Drake: sexual or interpersonal misconduct is not tolerated, accepted, or ignored. Think, talk, learn, listen, and act in a way that respects this line—we are all part of Drake.

There are four principles behindDefine the Line. Respect the Line.and the culture we strive to create at Drake:

Prevention: Education and discussion are crucial to establishing and enforcing our social norms and what we as a community expect at Drake. We must continue to talk about respect and consent.

Communication: More communication is better, both between sexual partners and also in our community, so that people feel comfortable discussing sexuality or sexual violence without fear or judgment.


支持: If you or someone you know experiences sexual or interpersonal misconduct, Drake has staff, resources, and procedures in place that can provide support.

如果您遇到难以访问或导航本网站,请联系Title IX Coordinator.

Report to Title IX
Confidential Resources

Quick contacts to reach confidential support

  • VIP学生支持或宣传
    515-512-2972 (call or text)
  • Polk County Crisis and Advocacy
  • Professional advocate at the Counseling Center
    - Thursdays 3:00-4:30 during fall & spring term